Since the beginning of the outbreak (even before the State of Emergency lockdown in Portugal) all members of Destination Algarve’s team have been receiving advice and guidance from a local medical professional, including training in hygiene and personal safety best practices.
The team has been following the regular updates as government guidance has developed. Their local knowledge and contacts mean that they are able to support guests with any circumstances that may arise.

Enhanced cleaning measures

Enhanced cleaning measures have been introduced in order to reduce the possible spread of infection and to protect our guests and our staff.
These measures now also include disinfecting touched surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, taps, etc using approved disinfectants whenever the housekeeper is in attendance (before, during and after a guest’s visit).
By cleaning first, then disinfecting, we are helping to lower the risk of spreading the infection.

All bedlinen including sheets, mattress & pillow protectors, towels, and kitchen towels are washed at the highest heat setting recommended by the manufacturer.

Housekeeper(s) wear protective gear while cleaning, including disposable gloves and masks.

Wash your hands

Social distancing

While the COVID-19 situation is ongoing, we are doing our best to minimise person-to-person contact during a guests’ stay.
When staff (such as housekeepers, concierge, maintenance personnel) need to visit a property they wear protection including a mask and disposable gloves and maintain social distancing recommendations where possible. Guests may also prefer to vacate the property or remain in the outside areas during the housekeeper’s visits.

Helping guests to protect themselves

To help guests maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, we are providing disinfectants and other cleaning supplies for guests to use, including:
• disposable gloves
• masks
• disinfectant
• hand sanitiser
• paper towels
All guests are advised to follow general health and hygiene recommendations, including frequently washing your hands, self-cleaning of frequently-touched surfaces, and protecting against the reach of sneezing by using a paper towel or sneezing into your elbow.