Fresh clams picked form the sea, usually a great suggestion for any seafood lover

With the current global pandemic still ongoing, it can be easy to get into a boring routine and difficult to look to a more positive future.
For this reason, we would like to tell you about the ‘Mediterranean Diet’.

This way, not only will we hopefully inspire you to try something new during this current ‘global lockdown’, but also give you something to look forward to when you get a chance to visit the Algarve again!

The ‘Mediterranean Diet’ was recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a healthy diet that helps prevent the risk of longer term diseases.
It was included in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in December 2013.

What does a ‘Mediterranean Diet’ consist of?

Mediterranean meals usually consist of lots of vegetable-based products such as vegetables, fruit, cereals, pulses and nuts.
Locally-sourced fish and meat also play a big part in the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ – depending on the season.
Other products included in this diet are olive oil, milk and cheese – also sourced locally.

All of these tasty foods are prepared using simple cooking methods and can be made into soups and stews, or simply grilled without any sauces.

The ‘Mediterranean Diet’ is much more than just the food it involves …

Here in the Algarve most meals are enjoyed with a group of family or friends and are seen as a way to spend time together while eating delicious, simple food.

Traditionally (on a weekly basis) most families get together to enjoy a meal where the whole family is involved in preparing the meal, from buying all the produce, to cooking, serving and enjoying the end result!

Some of the local dishes that we would recommend you try when you visit us are:

  • Fresh grilled (seasonal) fish with boiled potatoes (in olive oil and garlic) and bread
  • Octopus salad
  • Clam stew (Conquilhas à Algarvia)
  • Seafood rice (Arroz de Marisco)
  • Fish stew, with peppers, tomato, onions and olive oil (Pescada à Algarvia)
  • Grilled chicken with a fresh and seasonal salad
  • Bean stew (Feijoada)
  • Green cabbage soup (Caldo Verde)
  • Any many, many more..
Grilled Sardines are a must have when visiting the Algarve

And of course, no ‘Mediterranean Diet’ is complete without a glass of wine and a glass of water to help digest a delicious meal!

We hope we have given you the desire to try something new and if you choose to try some ‘Mediterranean’ cooking, please share some pictures with us! It would be amazing to see your attempts!

From all of us at Destination Algarve, we hope you are all keeping safe during this challenging time and we hope to see you here in the Algarve soon!